Cocktail Glass Club


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Join Our COCKTAIL GLASS CLUB!! Paint a Cocktail glass that shows your personality! It becomes a “Conversation” Cocktail Glass! MéShelle has over 50 different personality stencils to choose from! For example: “Cocktail Queen”, “Liquid Dinner”, “Today’s forecast 100% chance of wine”, “Elegant and satisfying with great character”. “I drink to make other people more interesting”, “W.T.F = Wine Tasting Friends”. “Drinks Well with Others”, etc, etc, etc!


  1. Stop in ANY time during ANY Charmbiance PUBLIC class that’s being held (see Charmbiance Art Bar class calendar). No need to sign up online, just walk in! (groups of 5 or more please message or email MéShelleMéShelle a heads up that you’re coming).

  2. Cost is $15 to paint your All-in-One Cocktail glass (suitable for wine, beer, martinis, mixed drinks, margaritas, and much more!)

  3. Choose your “personality phrase” stencil that best describes you. Paint your phrase on one side of your glass, your name on the other. We can also make a custom personality phrase stencil in person at no extra charge. MéShelle numbers your glass for you after your glass is complete.

  4. Receive craft cocktail discounts, special “members only” cocktails, beer discounts, and new wine selection and discounts only offered to Cocktail Glass Club members! PLUS earn free drinks!!

  5. Stop in and use your special Cocktail glass that’s proudly displayed and just waiting for you! Cheers!