Local Artists & Musicians

We like to show our support to other local artisans!! It’s comforting to know that so many others out there share the same passion that artist/owner MéShelle does! We need to stick together and share our crazy obsession for art! We hope all artists who read this will contact MéShelleMéShelle and become a part of our Art Bar.

  1. If you have a special skill/craft that you'd like to turn into a class at Charmbiance Art Bar, we'll consider you as a guest artist. We do all the class advertising and signups for you! Please email MéShelle at . Submit at least 5 images of your work. 

  2. If you'd like to sell any of your hand-made products/works of art/recycled & reclaimed items in our boutique, please submit 5 or more images to and if it’s a good fit for our Art Bar, MéShelle will send you more details!

  3. Charmbiance will be hosting various art shows at the Art Bar! If you'd like to be a vendor, please submit at least 5 images of your work and MéShelle will send you more vendor details. 

ATTN MUSICIANS & ENTERTAINERS: If you would like to perform at Charmbiance Art Bar. Please email MéShelle at and give us a link to view your videos. Please also list your fees per session.