Kids Stuff

Charmbiance Art Bar is family owned. You may see MéShelle’s husband or kids helping with Charmbiance classes! Needless to say, kids (under 21) are welcome to attend any Charmbiance public class with their parent or legal guardian. We also offer private kids classes. A min. of 10 is required (adults can attend the class as well). MéShelle provides you with an invite to share with your attendees. Kids as young as 5 and as old as 19 enjoy Charmbiance Classes! We provide stencil choices for all projects or they can paint their own design. The cost is approx $15-$35 depending on project choice:

  1. Glass Mason Jar Mug(s) with metal lid and straw choices
  2. Glass Trinket Bowl
  3. Glass Plate
  4. Window/Glass wall art
  5. Glass mug with handle for ice cream/hot cocoa mug/soup
  6. Wood Wall Hanging