Walk-ins are always welcome at any class if we are not at class capacity, you do not have to sign up online. We do recommend calling Charmbiance at 414-322-6353 to check availability. If you would like a project with personalization, we would prefer you sign up online so we can have your personalized artwork ready for you in advance (BUT you don’t have to, MéShelle can create if for you at arrival).


You are more than welcome to just come in have a glass of wine or a cocktail during class time hours! You do not have to craft if you don’t want to! Sometimes you can get just as much "art therapy" from watching others craft as you sip at the bar!


There no additional fees to book a private class with Charmbiance or for reserving a large area for your group at a public class. We'd love to have you! Please see more information under PRIVATE EVENTS.


Charmbiance does not offer monetary donations, gift certificates, or gift items. Instead, Charmbiance gives back very generously to organizations through fundraising classes. It’s a great way to give back and organizations will make more A LOT more than just the value of an item donation for a raffle. Plus, it gives Charmbiance a way to be able to give back to EVERYONE who asks us for a donation. If you’d like to have a fundraising class with Charmbiance, please see information under PRIVATE EVENTS.


All payments for classes are final. If for some reason you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, please see the information under "What if I can't attend the class I registered for?". Your registration fee can be applied to a future class (space permitting) if you follow the instructions as provided.


If you cannot attend the class you registered for, you get a ONE TIME opportunity to attend another class. You must EMAIL MéShelle within ONE MONTH of your original class date. You must:

  • Attach your original class registration confirmation.

  • State the new class date & location that you’d like to attend within that month.

  • Title your email “Attend A Make-Up Class”.

Your make-up will not be granted if you do not follow these steps.

Due to confidentiality laws, please do not share why you missed your original class.


Thanks for attending a Charmbiance Glass Painting Class!! MéShelle truly appreciates all of your support!

  1. Let paint dry overnight (or as many days as you'd like).

  2. Place glass in COOL oven, directly on the rack. For glasses with painted bottoms, place glass upside down on rack.

  3. Turn on oven and bake for 30 minutes at 350º.

  4. Remove from cool oven.

  5. **HAND WASH and enjoy a cocktail out of your new glass!

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