Portrait Window Painting Special Instructions


IMMEDIATELY AFTER you register for class, you must email MéShelle your photo AND the wording that you want to paint on your window. Email MéShelle at charmbiance@gmail.com & title your email “Portrait Window Class & Your Class Date”. Also include your first and last name. MéShelle will then alter your photo to make it fit appropriately in the window frame & also make room for the wording. She will bring your printed photo to class along with your wording stencil.

***NOTE: At class you will get charged $10 for the altering and printing of your photo.....If you would like any Additional Photo Alterations, let MéShelle know when you email her your photo. Additional alterations will range from an addl. $10-$40 depending on your request.

- Get rid of an ugly background in photo
- Eliminate a person or object in photo
- Make photo black & white or sepia-toned & add forced color (examples shown in Portrait Window Art Project Gallery)
- Restore a damaged photo
- Combine the best of 2 or 3 photos taken at the same scene (example: use the dog looking in one of the 3 photos, use the kid smiling in one of the 3 photos, and combine with the person’s eyes open in the other of the 3 photos).