Shabby Chic Kits

$15 Shabby Chic Color Wash Board kits!

$20 Paint your Pet Color Wash Board kits!

Great Family Painting Projects!


Full Name & phone number

Color Wash Choice (see Image Below)

Art Template Name (See Images Below)

Paint colors for your art (3 max per kit). FYI: Clear glitter coat paint is an option! So is Metallic Gold, Silver, & Rose Gold.

Hemp Cord - OR- Beaded Hanger

Specify if your order is all going all to ONE household or MULTIPLE homes

If you're choosing Paint your Pet template, send a quality closeup head photo (with a simple non-busy background) when you message us your order

Would you like to add a bottle of wine for only 15? Describe what kinds you like! We will be your virtual wine consultant! -OR- we can email you a list of ALL of our available wines! Our wines are also shown on our FB page!

Would you like to add a Bag of Pop's Kettlecorn for $6? 10 different flavors!! AND they can be paired with our wine as well! Request the flavors of popcorn by email & also let us know if you want the wine pairing suggestions!

***MESSAGE ME YOUR ORDER THRU FB MESSAGING! This deal is NOT avail to order on our website. If you don't have FB, you can email your order (FB messaging preferred).